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Atomic War Bride (1960)

Atomic War Bride (1960)

This Yugoslavian nuclear war movie is almost indescribable. It is madly satirical, almost comic at times, darkly bleak at others and all centered around the exploits of the groom, who somehow remains giddily optimistic in the face of the apocalypse.

The film's plot concerns a couple (John Johnson and Maria Maria ) whose wedding day is memorable for all the wrong reasons: their plans for the wedding are greatly inconvenienced by an impending war with an unnamed enemy that is about to grow into a nuclear one, the curch gets bombed, the bridegroom drafted, and is sentenced to death by firing-squad for sedition. Quite bizzare and with many unforgettable images, the film takes some surprisingly strong (for a production made behind the Iron Curtain) jabs at the ineptitude of government and military authorities.

Rat appeared to be the result of callobaration of the director Veljko Bulajic, in his homeland considered a creator of made to order epic blockbusters, and the Italian script writer Cesare Zavattini, famous for his works in great movies of Italian neorealism like De Sica's Umberto D. and Ladri di biciclette and others. The fact of such cooperation as well as international actor's crew involved may seem as unique as its result.

Never having been shown on official TV channels in its homeland since late 70's this film is now available only as a Something Weird's English-dubbed DVD-release.

http://www.filesonic.com/file/31378181/Atomic War Bride (1960).avi

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